TEMPLE BETH ELOHIM                                     

             A Reform Congregation                                                                                           ...a blend of faith and friendship
                  Georgetown, SC                                                                                                                  for over 100 years.



Lots of Torah laws

Are looked at diff’rently now

We don’t enforce them

The Torah in Haiku

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This is a reminder that The Annual Meeting of temple members will take place at noon on Sunday, 21 May 2017.

Election ballots will be counted at this time and the newly elected officers will be announced.  If you have not mailed (or e-mailed) your ballot, you may bring your completed ballot to the meeting. 

Also on the ballot is a proposed ammendment to the Temple Beth Elohim Constitution. The approval or defeat of this proposal will be determined at the Annual Meeting.

May-June Rising Star is ready for you to read!