PLEASE NOTE:  we have a new temple phone number.

(843) 325-0389

CHAI (Student) $18
An independent student enrolled at a local college or university.
Documentation required.

  Print and complete the appropriate form below, then mail it to:

Temple Beth Elohim,

PO Box 571, Georgetown, SC 29442 


Non-Jewish community members who wish to support our congregation.
They receive member pricing at temple functions.

A MIRACLE.....Dues have not increased, for yet another year!


TEMPLE BETH ELOHIM                                     

             A Reform Congregation                                                                                           ...a blend of faith and friendship
                  Georgetown, SC                                                                                                                  for over 100 years.







Singles or families retaining a current full membership in another temple.

Documentation required.



Two adult household with or without dependent children.                                 


One adult with or without dependent children; 

one adult in an interfaith household, if desired. 

Here's what else you get...

Our members can attest to the friendships that began at Temple Beth Elohim (TBE) and they can reminisce about changes that have taken place over the years.  

We honor our "Elders" who are the founders of TBE, as well as our newest members, who bring fresh ideas and input to our temple community. Our members will also tell you how wonderful it is to share "simchas" with temple friends, and how supportive the temple community is in times of need.  What they cannot tell you, is how you, too, will look back one day and realize how much TBE enriched your life. 
Consider making Temple Beth Elohim part of your life.  Call the office at (843) 325-0389 and leave us a message, or e-mail us at to let us know that you and/or your family will join us for Friday night services, or one of our other scheduled activities. It is our sincere wish, that by joining us, you will be able to feel who and what we are.