Dear Members and Friends of Temple Beth Elohim,

We continue to welcome the Sabbath via Zoom and not in our own sanctuary.  It is so sad to think of our temple sitting empty these evenings.

Although we continue to virtually join together for Shabbat, our Tzedakah Box will remain empty. A couple of the charities that we have been supporting distribute food to children and others in need (Back Pack Buddies and Helping Hand).  The donations they usually receive are down and the need for their distributions have increased.  Their funds are very low.

Even though we are not at temple to place our donations, we could collect funds from our members and friends and distribute them where they are needed.  Please consider sending a donation by making a check payable to TEMPLE BETH ELOHIM, marking the memo line Tzedakah and mailing it to:

Temple Beth Elohim
P. O. Box 571
Georgetown, SC  29442-0571

You now have the option of donating and paying dues online through PayPal.  You may click on the Membership tab above to make your donation by indicating "other" and typing in the note, "Tzedakah."

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.
Shabbat shalom,

Richard Dimentstein, President

Richard Dimentstein - President

Joy Birnbaum - Vice President

Tish Richter - Secretary

Michele Bennett - Treasurer



Seymour Birnbaum - Rituals & Cemetery

Andy Friedman

Shirley Giegerich 

Craig Lieberman

AJ Giegerich

Carrol Sallas


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  For services on Sept. 19th and Sept. 27th, follow the instructions below!

  Here's what you need to do to watch the services:  

  go to   /highholydays and look for the service you want to attend.      

Under the service title, there will be a link.  Click on the link, and you will see the

  service.  I think of it like a TV show!  The link for each service will be posted about

15-30 minutes before the service is about to start.


Click on the "Membership" tab above!


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From our Temple Beth Elohim President, Richard Dimentstein...

PLEASE NOTE:  we have a new temple phone number.

(843) 325-0389


  Temple Beth Elohim has Lay Leaders who conduct Shabbat Services every Friday night.  We are grateful for their commitment and leadership and the unique individuality each brings to our services.  They are:

Joy & Seymour Birnbaum

​Michele Gershman-Bennett

**Randy Cavaliere

**Cindy Danzek

Lynne & Michael Davidson

Richard Dimentstein

Andy Friedman

Shirley Giegerich

**Eileen Kramer

Ariane Lieberman

** New Leaders